Things to Know before Understanding Baidu SEO

1. Registering for a Baidu Account

Before you can do anything with Baidu SEO, you need to create an account which can be used to login onto various Baidu platforms. This will enable you to follow up with what we’re introducing in this guide and move forward with your China SEO effort.

First, head to this page and fill out the form. A working Chinese phone number is required to register.
Baidu Seo

2. Setting up a simplified Chinese site

Baidu is not very effective at reading languages other than Chinese. Even though it recognizes traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong), simplified Chinese is preferred (used in mainland China) as Baidu’s algorithm is more effective in terms of reading what the website is about, as a result, is able to index and rank them accordingly.

Having a simplified Chinese site alone is not going to guarantee you Baidu success. Other than this, you will need an easy to catch domain name (usually your brand name in Pinyin), a well-designed and visually appealing layout that speaks to the Chinese audience.


3. Purchasing a good Chinese domestic hosting service

Loading speed is an important factor to consider for Baidu’s ranking process. It is especially the case for mobile sites. Compared to website speeds of the popular hosting destinations like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, website speed is much faster in mainland China. It is recommended to go with reliable domestic service providers such as Alibaba Cloud to optimize your website performance.

However, a business ICP License (Internet Content Publishing License) is needed to operate a website in mainland China. To acquire an ICP, either your company needs to have a physical presence in China to be qualified or you will need to work with a local partner/service provider.

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