Details of Organic SEO Services We can Provide

Implementing high-quality SEO on your website and digital media will always be beneficial for your marketing efforts. You should see SEO as a required investment. Contact Baidu SEO to gain more insights on how SEO can benefit your brand exposure and how we can help you achieve digital success.


Organic SEO Services


Here is a brief introduction to the organic seo services we can provide:

1. Comprehensive Strategy

Our team customizes strategies comprehensively based on each client’s requirements and situations, including the application of search engine optimization technology, content marketing and link building. The main goal is increase the conversion and revenue from natural/organic traffic.

2. Competitive Analysis

To find and analyze the direct competitors through insight indicators, to adopt the good methods from competitors and apply on your website, especially UI/UX, industry keywords, search queries keywords. In the long run, your website stands a higher chance to outrank your competitors.

3. Website Architecture Analysis

Our team conducts an architectural analysis of each website to ensure that search engines can crawl every valuable page and we ensure that there is nothing to stop your website from any hindrance.

4. Page Speed Optimization

We track down inefficient pages on the site and fix any issue that is causing ‘turtle’ loading speed, and we’ll continue to monitor performance to keep your website up to pace.

5. Keyword Research

Sourcing keywords and obtain data-driven keyword metrics are critical to your business, thus continuing organic traffic can’t run away from keyword targeting. Our expert team is helping to find the best-performing keywords from your industry and apply them into the related pages of your website.

6. Keyword Ranking Report

We provide detailed search ranking reports every month, with weekly updates and search queries.

7. Link Building

Link building, including internal link building, external link building, friendly link building, link purchase and other processes. The best SEO companies always focus on the quality and quantity of links, and will stay in front during the process of search engine optimization.
Our team looks for links from various authoritative resources/websites/platforms with valuable industry references, such as trade associations and vertical forums, platform with credibility and authority are the key. We will also provide the report of acquired links every month.

8. Content Strategy

Content strategy needs to be tactical and strategic. In general, the content strategy should be developed from understanding your audiences’ needs and business natures in order to create informative and interesting contents. After all, content is king still…A good content not only attract traffic but keeps the audience on your website.

9. Website Traffic Report

We provide detailed traffic reports every week so that you can understand and view the importance of SEO activities on the performance of your website.

10. Principle of Detail focused and Transparency

When you choose an SEO company, you have the right to know what they are doing. We don’t believe in secrets answer as we are proud of our work. We are always ready to share with you every steps of the process.

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